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Candidate Flynn shares his thoughts on getting a fresh start at Re-Imagining and Re-Vitalizing Channel Islands Harbor.

My name is Tim Flynn. I’m the Mayor of the City of Oxnard and a candidate for Ventura County Supervisor. Watch Tim's Video.

Channel Islands Harbor —once the crown jewel of Ventura County — has been in decline for 20 years. Most of the blame falls on the county as the harbor’s landlord.

Everyone wants to revitalize the harbor, but the county has been going about it the wrong way. They recently tried to push a major development at Fisherman’s Wharf that was opposed by over 80% of our Community. The Coastal Commission stood with us and rejected the county’s project.

Its time for a fresh start. I believe that a successful proposal must have three elements:

  • First, it must inspire our community with beautiful parks, bike trails, promenades, and shops.
  • Second, it must provide good-paying jobs for construction and operation.
  • Third, it needs to be economically feasible so that there is no public subsidy.

As mayor, I have brought people together to bring higher-paying jobs, protect taxpayers, and improve neighborhoods. Together we can revitalize our harbor.  Let’s go to work.

Thank you for your time.  I hope I can count on your support November 3.

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  • Tim Flynn
    published this page in News 2020-09-12 13:24:12 -0700