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  • Ventura County's economy has been in a recession for the last 5 years.  It's time that we take back control of our economy and begin the road to growth.  
  • The Covid-19 worldwide pandemic has caused a 10% job loss in Ventura County in just the last few months.  I will work tirelessly to source out grants and loans to help businesses get employees back to work.



Mayor Flynn's Priorities on Revitalization


  Get Workers and Businesses Back on Their Feet — Safely.

  • I will continue working with business leaders one-on-one to find ways to safely get employees back to work. 
  • I have created a weekly Facebook Live broadcast discussing Covid-19 and its effect on Ventura County.  
  • I will continue working on new ways to communicate with Ventura County using 21st century platforms such as social media, websites, zoom meetings.  

  Lower Barriers for Growing Ventura County Businesses.

  • I will work on creating County programs that will lower barriers for new businesses entering into various industries.  
  • I will create incentives to attract new employers into our area and further diversify our economy.  This is turn will create more jobs and lower our County's unemployment numbers.  

  Champion a Project at Fisherman’s Wharf with Community Buy-In.

  • I will work on creating new proposals that focus on capturing the imagination of the community stakeholders.  This is something that has not been done in previous proposals.  
  • As a kid, I remember when Channel Islands was a fun and attractive community.  I will work to restore it to its former glory and create a safe and fun place for local families and visitors alike.

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