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Tim Flynn is focused on jobs for a better future

Before the pandemic, Ventura County has been in economic decline for at least 5 years. Its economy has been struggling to capture higher-paying clean jobs. Then the pandemic increased unemployment to 13.3%. Today the Leisure & Hospitality sector still has an unemployment rate of 18.1%. 

Tim believes we must create higher-paying jobs for the entire workforce. 

This requires the kind of leadership demonstrated by Mayor Flynn in winning the Amazon Distribution Center for Oxnard.
  • Mayor Tim Flynn proposed that Oxnard compete for Amazon’s headquarters.
  • He recognized the competition as a great opportunity to market Oxnard’s assets.
  • The City Manager Assembled a team to focus on the project.

Leadership, imagination, teamwork, hard work, and persistence won. 


As an Educator of 25 years, it has been clear to me that program quality and skills alignment of our educational programs with employers is critical to success. Preparing our children for the workforce, retraining displaced workers, and enhancing existing workers' skills to attract businesses to our County is job 1. 

We must inspire, prepare, and educate.

As my teacher, Mayor Flynn inspired me to reach higher. I now have a successful career in sales and marketing. As Supervisor, he will build on the Amazon success to increase high-paying jobs and invest in students and job training.” —Dormacet Herrera

As a single working mom and Mexican immigrant, she reached out to Mayor Flynn to get inputs on personal development and career advancement.  She is dedicated to her family and her dreams. 

As Supervisor, Tim will continue to attract new employers for a stronger Oxnard. 

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