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Revitalize South Oxnard with Flynn + Zócalo + Amazon

I’m Oxnard Mayor Tim Flynn.  I am running for Ventura County Supervisor to Rebuild, ReInvest and Revitalize our community.

Speaking of ReVitalize, I’m at the CenterPoint Mall in South Oxnard. I went to high school across the street. I am excited about the vision of putting a Zócalo right where I’m standing. 

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The Zócalo will Re-Vitalize South Oxnard. It will have trees, benches, promenades, music and vendors. It will be the social hub of the community and will spur business growth. As your county supervisor, I will help Oxnard make this dream happen.

Our city manager had the vision for the Zocalo. It is the same kind of vision that led me to propose that Oxnard compete for Amazon’s second headquarters. I knew that landing the headquarters was going to be tough. But I also knew that this competition was a great opportunity to market Oxnard.

We developed an eye-catching proposal and a great team of partners. We didn’t get the headquarters, but we impressed Amazon. The company just announced that they will build a distribution center in Oxnard. It will bring hundreds of good jobs, with benefits. It has been my priority to Rebuild jobs, and the Amazon announcement is a big deal.

As your Supervisor, I will continue to market Oxnard’s assets so that we attract new employers. 

Workers and employers endorse me because I am focused on bringing high-paying jobs and making sure that Oxnard gets its fair share of county services.

Building the Zócalo and competing for Amazon each take vision. Making those visions happen take leadership, partnership, and action. I’ll bring those qualities to the Board of Supervisors and focus on helping South Oxnard.  

Please vote Tim Flynn for Supervisor and I’ll see you at the Zocalo!

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