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Tim working with business developers to bring new industry to Ventura County. (Pre Covid 19)


  • Ventura County's economy has had over 20 years of struggles.   
  • Jobs and their salaries in Ventura County have become out of sync with rising home and rent prices, making living in Ventura County more and more difficult. 




Mayor Flynn's Priorities on Revitalization



  Retrain Ventura County’s workers for 21st Century Jobs.   

  • As an educator of many years, I have seen first hand that a strong education is vital for our youth.  Our kids need a future to look forward too and I am going to work to make that happen.  
  • I have done extensive work with Oxnard College and local businesses to show them new and creative ways to grow their businesses and expand their offerings.  As the Oxnard mayor, I have worked side-by-side with our City Manager to help streamline this 21st century growth and make it easier for businesses to operate in Ventura County. 

  Spearhead Youth Job Training with a Community Benefits Agreement.

  • Magnate Schools and 21st Century Jobs
  • Trade Unions and Apprenticeship Programs and CBA



  Refocus County Government priorities on Economic Development.

  • Enable Farm Diversification
  • County-Wide Fiber Optic Cable Network
  • Regional Airport
  • Extend Port Rail Line for Port of Hueneme



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