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Oxnard needs reform

We need good leadership to clean up the neighborhoods in Oxnard. Code Compliance Officers DO NOT want to do their jobs. Our neighborhood still has people living in garages, people living in cars in the back yard, neighbors using our alley for their trash, neighbors drinking in broad day light going and relieving themselves on the side of our and there homes. We have CODES, Why are they not enforced? Our neighborhood is a dump ground and family and friends WILL NOT visit us because our city ALLOWS this to go on. I have lived here all my life and I am out ragged and angry at what I witness every day. We are very hard working people and we DO NOT deserve how the CITY has blatanly turned there back on our neighborhood. NO ONE wants to do there JOBS. Not even the POLICE OFFICERS that are suppose to patrol our area. People from out of the area come driving down our street and turn around never to return. YOU WANT TO REALLY CHANGE OXNARD!!! CLEAN IT UP!!!

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Campaign Message

Hi Tim!  Please continue commending your message of environmental sustainability and the development of small businesses throughout Oxnard and of forging strong public-private interfaces to keep Oxnard College viable as the chief trainer of the city's workforce to keep it competitive in economies of scale from the local to the international.  Thanks much for all of your hard work not only on behalf of Oxnard, but on behalf of all Ventura County.  May the Lord bless you and your entire family!

Best regards,

Dave Morse 



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