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Tim, I'm interested in volunteering for you. If someone asked me why they should vote for you, what would you say are your key issues and how are you going to tackle them?


First, Oxnard needs to deal with past issues to move forward. The DA investigation may have penalized wrongdoing with fines, but it did not fix the culture of patronage, nepotism and cronyism.  As mayor,  I will immediately push to establish an ethics code that deals with executive compensation, awarding contracts, and conflicts of interest.

Second, we need to deal with the issue of jobs. As mayor, I will lead efforts to bring higher-paying, clean jobs in high-tech, biotech and other scientific research companies to our city. The idea would be to bring leaders in business, the Port of Hueneme, education, job training, and banking together for a summit at the Martin V. Smith School of Business at Cal State Channel Islands.  This "Gold Team" will create a strategic plan to establish an Enterprise Zone in Oxnard, align job training and education to meet the needs of future employers and establish a delegation that will actively recruit "New Economy" jobs to Oxnard.

Finally, I have a plan to redevelop the downtown, commercial/industrial areas and blighted neighborhoods to bring needed jobs to the city.

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